Complete Lifting+Lashing Points/PSA Catalogue
Edition 01  //  Language versions: DE, EN  //  212 pages  //  January | 2013 – Oktober | 2015  //  Employer/Client: RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG
New concept and design of a complete catalogue including all RUD Lifting Points, Lashing Points and PSA (Fall Protection Anchorage). Planned as a hardcover bound catalogue (212 pages) during spring 2013. Turned out to be a solely digital, pageflip catalogue. It was embedded on the RUD website in 2015 and published on "credit card form factor" USB flash drives. An updated Edition 02 was published in January 2016. After the new and updated  short catalogue was online in December 2016, the big one was finally deleted from the website.
concept / layout and design / graphics design / 3D-renderings / digital image processing  / art direction / project management
Extract from the German PDF.
Extract from the English PDF.
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